Let’s begin!

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Hello! *This is so funny, that I even Google-ed myself on how to write my very first post* For those who wants to know me, I am just a decent guy from a country named Malaysia; and if y’all wonder where Malaysia are, it is actually in between Thailand and Singapore.

Some of you might wonder how I start blogging or even think of doing so. The idea came last year but somehow I feel like I am not ready because I just feel like its not my time yet (at that time) but here I am! Ready! (kind of…) hahaha! I am the type of guys who loves to read; I love novels so much! And I am more towards Teen novels because it can make me imagine how good my life can be if I were the main character. The life of a popular teenager is what most people aimed for! (including me, hehe). There is so much that I want to share but I guess writing late night with an empty stomach won’t help even I just had 2 packets of ramen!

I do hope my stories will eventually be relatable for someone out there even though my words going to have TONS of grammatical error and etc. I’m just here to cherish every moment I had while¬†sharing stories, I don’t mind about what people might say or maybe there will be no readers but writing on current issues or real problems that teenagers had faced is on my bucket lists! I got tons of stories that I wanted to share and maybe in future I will do so!

That is all for now! (I feel like I’m giving a speech, haha!) Thank you for reading! Have a blessed Sunday!